Three essential ingredients for perfect corrugated product packaging

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From sauce bottles and cakes, to brooms and children’s toys, we understand what it takes to design corrugated product packaging that is durable, environmentally friendly and easy on the eye.

In this article we’re sharing three design trade secrets – as we lift the lid on a handful of key ingredients that must be considered when designing perfect corrugated product packaging.

Employ effective design

In the competitive world of product placement, blending in is simply not an option. Whether you require point-of-sale or shelf-ready packaging, the design must be personalised and attention-grabbing in order to set your brand apart from its competitors. Customers must be captivated through clever and practical design features and attractive visuals that create an emotive relationship with your brand before prompting them to invest in your products. Remember, your packaging is more than just a container; it’s a powerful platform for effective brand communication.

Questions to ask yourself when designing your packaging include:

  • What is the product I’m selling?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What would my target audience respond well to?

Identifying the answers to these questions will make it easier to decide upon the most effective design approach. Keep it relevant, keep it audience-focused and keep it simple. Purchasers do not want to be overwhelmed by unnecessarily complicated designs with no relevance to your product or brand. This will only create a disconnect within the wider user experience and potentially deter people from making a purchase.

Over 97% of our corrugated packaging design projects are completely bespoke, so you can rest assured when we say that we have a wealth of experience in the design of unique packaging solutions that successfully grab attention. 

Reduce wasted space

Are you currently paying for packaging that leaves you with a lot of unused transit space? Reducing waste throughout the entire product and packaging life cycle will save you money, drive down your carbon footprint and generate a greater return on your investment. 

Your business cannot afford to be paying for empty transit space. Investing in smarter transit packaging which has been designed to maximise space, will allow you to transport more products from A to B.

Our dedicated team of in-house CAD designers will always consider the best ways in which you can optimise your corrugated transit packaging in order to fill every last inch of available space without compromising the safety of your products. Even the smallest of design adjustments can result in significant gains and valuable cost savings.

Remain respectful to the environment

Sustainability is a core value within our business and we appreciate how significant it is for companies across a wide range of sectors.

It is estimated that UK households dispose of a staggering 100 billion pieces of plastic packaging every year ( Purchasers are more in tune with sustainable ways of living than ever before, so the more businesses can move away from single-use plastics in favour of recyclable materials such as corrugated cardboard, the higher the probability that their values will align as part of a shared planet-saving movement.

Another way in which you can reduce cost and lower your carbon footprint is by making your packaging reusable. Transit and shelf-ready packaging can double up for multiple purposes so that you’re only paying for one solution, while reducing the amount of waste per shipment.

Our corrugated packaging solutions are not only sustainable, but also cost-effective. Up to 96% of corrugated cardboard can be recycled – positively contributing to a greener packaging lifecycle while delivering on a businesses environmental targets.

Speak to our team of corrugated packaging experts to discover how we can help you design the perfect product-based solution. 

Posted on: 10 April 2024
Posted in: Industry Insights

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