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Impress customers with custom packaging.

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Customise the shape and size of your packaging design to ensure your product fits perfectly into its box with custom die-cut packaging. The bespoke nature of a die-cut box means you can use a unique design to present your packaging in an attractive way.

Plus, custom die-cut boxes can be printed with your own designs, such as logos and patterns, to fall in line with your branding to give your customers an unforgettable unpacking experience.

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What are die-cut boxes?

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Die-cutting is a popular technique in the packaging industry. It involves using a metal cutter, also known as a forme, to cut through material, such as corrugated cardboard. The shape of the cutting forme is usually made using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology for an accurate shape and bespoke finish.

Once the design of the cutting forme is made, it can be used to create uniform packaging, helping you to get it right every time.

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Benefits of die-cutting.

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Made to exact requirements

Die-cut packaging allows you to create packaging tailored to suit your protective and aesthetic needs.

Easy to construct

Die-cut boxes can be designed to suit your specific production line and packing requirements. There are many options such as hand-holes, vent holes and tuck-in lids to support your needs. The use of a die-cut crash-lock base for example, will reduce your packing time. Many of our existing customers use machine erect style die-cuts on their automated packing lines, taking away manual input.

Added protection

Die-cut boxes and fittings can be designed to fit perfectly around your product, whatever the shape and size, to ensure it is protected during transit mitigating against the cost of damages.

Our process.

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Step One – Consult

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Upon your initial enquiry, we’ll sit down together and discuss how we can fulfil your needs, listening to your pain points to come up with a solution that protects your product and looks good whilst doing it.


Step Two – Design

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Box design forms a vital part of our business because 97% of our products are bespoke. Once we have agreed on a style, we then need to understand how the package will be handled to determine which board grade to use. We have CAD facilities in house to enable us to design and supply samples for approval.


Step Three – Manufacture

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Once a box has been designed and board grade specified, we oversee the manufacture of your order to ensure production is on time and fulfilled without quality issues.


Step Four – Stock and Serve

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We can stock your bespoke packaging in bulk which means you call-off smaller quantities of product on a ‘just-in-time’ basis to suit your production and packing schedule. We will replenish the stock when it reaches an agreed threshold to ensure continuity of supply.

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