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Custom packaging solutions for e-commerce.

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When you’re shipping a wide range of products in different shapes, sizes and materials, it can be challenging to manage what boxes you need and when, all while keeping it cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing for your customers.  

 At Colton Packaging, we know how important it is to get the right type of e-commerce packaging. So, we offer bespoke e-commerce packaging solutions that help you source boxes to meet your needs and ensure a fully managed packaging supply chain that helps streamline your picking and packing process. 

 That way, you can focus on getting your products out to the world without the packaging holding you back. 

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Around the clock support

We keep our operations agile, so if you need a last-minute delivery, we’ll work around the clock to meet demand using our very own warehouse and transport.

Expert advice

We draw from over 150 years of experience to recommend suitable packaging for your products to help reduce costs and limit the need for void fill consumables.

Fully managed service

We take the pain out of packaging procurement. We work efficiently with the relevant touchpoints in your business to ensure the supply chain is fully managed, so your life is easier.

Bespoke Corrugated Packaging

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Corrugated cardboard packaging provides a cost effective and practical method of protecting products, stabilising loads and packing long and awkward goods.


Die-cut packaging

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Ensure the packaging is the perfect fit for your products, with bespoke die-cut packaging perfect for creating uniform packs.


Postal Packaging

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Our extensive and bespoke range of postal packaging gives you all the choice you need to find the perfect sized mailing box for your needs.


Our Process

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Step One – Consult

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Upon your initial enquiry, we’ll sit down together and discuss how we can fulfil your needs, listening to your pain points to develop a solution that protects your product and looks good whilst doing it.


Step Two – Design

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Box design forms a vital part of our business because 97% of our products are bespoke. Once we have agreed on a style, we then need to understand how the package will be handled to determine which board grade to use. We have CAD facilities in house to enable us to design and supply samples for approval. We have CAD facilities in house to enable us to design and supply samples for approval.


Step Three – Manufacture

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Once a box has been designed and board grade specified, we oversee the manufacture of your order to ensure production is on time and fulfilled without quality issues.


Step Four – Stock and Serve

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We can stock your bespoke packaging in bulk, which means you call-off smaller quantities of product on a ‘just-in-time’ basis to suit your production and packing schedule. We will replenish the stock when it reaches an agreed threshold to ensure continuity of supply. We will replenish the stock when it reaches an agreed threshold to ensure continuity of supply.

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What is e-commerce packaging?

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E-commerce packaging is the box your product is shipped in after an online purchase to ensure your customers receive their order in good shape. It’s also the first thing your customers see when their order arrives, so it has to look good as well as protect the product. 

 While there are many styles of e-commerce packaging, it’s vital to pick a solution that’s right for your business and the product. Whether that be eco-friendly and recyclable packaging or a custom die-cut box for a snug fit around your product, our team can help you source and implement an effective packaging solution.  



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