Corrugated postal packaging

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Mailing boxes from Colton Packaging.

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From small parcels to large goods, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers is vital. Thankfully, Colton Packaging’s postal boxes and wraps are guaranteed to suit a variety of business needs, from dispatch to delivery. 

At Colton Packaging, we make it our priority to ensure all postal boxes and wraps are fit for purpose and can effectively transport goods undamaged and completely protected. This results in fewer returns due to less damage occurring when parcels are being shipped – great news for all businesses. 

Our range of cardboard postal boxes and wraps also helps businesses pack products with ease, helping to save money on labour costs. 

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Postal box design.

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Colton Packaging always put packaging front and centre, working closely with our clients to develop a mailing solution tailored to their shipping needs and design requirements.

We support our clients through the entire design and manufacture process, so are always on hand to advise on custom artwork, branding and high-quality print options.

As well as aesthetic design, material stability and structure are major factors when it comes to choosing the right kind of postal packaging solution – we offer letter-box size packs, double-wall, single-wall and self-seal book wrap packaging. Plus, all of our corrugated postal packaging range can be recycled too.

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Benefits of postal boxes

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Optimum protection

Depending on the postal packaging style you choose, Colton Packaging can help reinforce your solution for added protection in transit.

Save on labour costs

Many postal boxes are incredibly easy to pack, so your business can benefit from increased efficiencies in your packing line.

Returnable packaging

Customise postal boxes with die cut perforations and self-seal tape strips to make it easy for customers to return goods and improve their online shopping experience.

Our process.

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Step One – Consult

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Upon your initial enquiry, we’ll sit down together and discuss how we can fulfil your needs, listening to your pain points to come up with a solution that protects your product and looks good whilst doing it.


Step Two – Design

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Box design forms a vital part of our business because 97% of our products are bespoke. Once we have agreed on a style, we then need to understand how the package will be handled to determine which board grade to use. We have CAD facilities in house to enable us to design and supply samples for approval.


Step Three – Manufacture

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Once a box has been designed and board grade specified, we oversee the manufacture of your order to ensure production is on time and fulfilled without quality issues.


Step Four – Stock and Serve

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We can stock your bespoke packaging in bulk which means you call-off smaller quantities of product on a ‘just-in-time’ basis to suit your production and packing schedule. We will replenish the stock when it reaches an agreed threshold to ensure continuity of supply.

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Let us help

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