Expert Insights: Corrugated Packaging Design with Ross Connolly

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We recently caught up with Ross Connolly, Technical Account Manager at Colton Packaging, to uncover his valuable insights when considering the key ingredients that make for great corrugated packaging design.

From advice on how to be sustainable when choosing the right packaging solutions, to explaining the processes he follows when tackling a project, here’s what he had to say when we put him under the spotlight.

Great to meet you, Ross! Please can you confirm your job title and tell us how long you have worked for Colton Packaging?

Great to meet you too! I have worked for Colton Packaging for 21 years and I am a Technical Account Manager with the business.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities within your role?

My core responsibility is to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers, understand their needs and ensure that they receive the very best experience. I also support colleagues within the sales team with packaging design – whether that’s on site or off site – and I am a proud member of the BRC team.

In a few words, please define CAD Design

For me, CAD corrugated packaging design is all about innovation, attention to detail and customer experience – whilst always being a friendly face that people can trust and rely on to deliver the perfect solution each and every time.

What process do you follow in order to deliver innovative and bespoke packaging solutions?

The first step is to gather as much information as possible from the client. Every client has different needs and wants, depending on what they would like their packaging to do and the purpose – or purposes – it needs to serve. It’s my job to understand all of these factors before we go to the design stage. It’s also vital for us to be mindful of a client’s budget and suggest solutions that align with the resources available on a project-by-project basis.

Are there any specific considerations which must be taken into account at the design stage when working with corrugated packaging? 

There’s certainly a number of important questions I ask when we begin to look at the design of any packaging solution – these include:

  • What is the combined size and weight of the packaging and the products it will hold?
  • How will the product and its packaging be transported?
  • Where will it be transported to?
  • Will the item inside the packaging be fragile?
  • Does the packaging need to be printed?
  • Is the packaging going to be used to display products?
  • Is it important for the end customer to have a special opening experience?

Once I’ve answered these questions, I’m in a great position to turn the client’s vision into reality.

Why should brands choose corrugated over alternative packaging materials such as plastic?

Corrugated is fast becoming the packaging material of choice because it offers outstanding protection, with the ability to cushion products in transit. It can also be printed and serve several purposes – for example with shelf ready packaging, the same packaging can be used for shipping and on-shelf display.

Corrugated is also lighter than plastics or wood, reducing freight and fuel costs, and the material is recyclable, reusable and compostable because it is mostly made from recycled papers. This, in my opinion, makes it the most sustainable packaging option by far.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Colton Packaging? 

I enjoy the fact that Colton Packaging is a family-owned business. As an employee, you work within a tight-knit team boasting a friendly atmosphere where everyone is working towards common goals.

What is your favourite part of your role? 

I receive the most enjoyment from my interactions with our customers. I also love watching the journey of a solution as it goes from being an idea, to reality. I must admit, I find it very relaxing and therapeutic drawing for a new project. I become lost in the ideation of it all and it takes me away from the day-to-day.

If you would love to have Ross working with you on your next packaging project, then give us a call on 01509 817910.

Posted on: 18 June 2024
Posted in: Industry Insights

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