Personalised packaging: Five practical and attractive corrugated solutions

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In the eyes of a customer, you only have one opportunity to make a great first impression. It’s for this reason that your packaging must achieve maximum impact from the moment it first hits the shelves or passes through a letterbox.

With the demand for ecommerce growing rapidly over the last decade, many brands have been forced to pivot from a solely in-store user experience, to one that can accommodate both in-store and ‘at home’ experiences – without compromising brand consistency.

Brands must now consider packaging personalisation at every stage of a product’s journey in order to foster long-term recognition and customer loyalty. Customers are increasingly demanding packaging that is both functional and attractive, whilst representing their values and creating a kinder relationship with the environment.

In this article, we’re lifting the lid on five packaging solutions which can be personalised to suit a whole host of product and consumer demands, while elevating your brand and placing your message in front of the right audiences.

Make your packaging shelf-ready

If your business trades from a retail space, then personalised shelf-ready packaging promises a multi-functional merchandising opportunity for your brand with the power to drive sales. Shelf-ready packaging is simple to customise, with bespoke perforations and hoods commonplace to make this approach easy to transport and powerful when it comes to displaying your products in all their glory. This agile solution also keeps your products neatly contained while on display, keeping shelves tidy while avoiding a cross contamination of competing products.

Pack a punch with bespoke point-of-sale

When considering in-store product merchandising solutions, point-of-sale (POS) packaging can pack a big punch. From bespoke countertop displays, to innovative free standing floor units, personalised POS has the power to capture the imagination of your target audience, distinguish you from your competitors and generate valuable impulse purchases so that you and your stockists can achieve those all important sales targets.

Protect your products in transit

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than receiving a product that is either damaged or broken. For this reason, it should always be a high priority for brands to invest in quality packaging that adequately protects products during transportation. Transit packaging is designed with this exact consideration in mind, reducing return rates from damaged goods thanks to its material stability and structure-first design. Heavy board grades are often employed for their strength and durability, with infinite branding opportunities on the blank exterior to drive brand awareness.

Packaging that fits like a glove

Manufactured with a metal forme, die-cut corrugated packaging can be designed to precise production line and packing requirements to ensure consistency of production time after time. Die-cut also presents the option of incorporating practical features such as hand-holes, vent holes and tuck-in lids for a creative and bespoke design that prioritises safe transportation and pristine presentation. Custom die-cut boxes can be printed with your own designs, creating an unforgettable unpacking experience for your customers.

Leave a lasting letterbox impression

The rise of ecommerce brands has meant that the experience a customer has with a product will very often be defined on their doorstep. This is where corrugated postal packaging really comes into its own. Designed and manufactured to suit the needs of a wide variety of products – from flowers to electrical items – this increasingly popular method of dispatching and delivering products prioritises safe transportation so that brands can enjoy a reduced return rate.

Postal packaging also makes packing simple for businesses to drive down labour costs, while bespoke design features make returning goods easy for customers to create a kinder relationship with the environment.

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Posted on: 29 February 2024
Posted in: Industry Insights

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