Important packaging design considerations

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When it comes to packaging design, there are a number of important considerations you need to make before you get started.

From how it’s constructed and its sustainability credentials, to avoiding damage in transit, the aesthetics and the chosen finish, getting your packaging right can make or break its success.

A successful packaging design process considers all of these factors to ensure that customers are satisfied with the final result. It’s also important to remember that today’s consumers possess far greater awareness and power when it comes to aligning themselves with brands that are making environmentally conscious decisions in relation to their packaging.

Navigating all of this while delivering a high-quality packaging solution is tricky, but there are several things you can do to ensure that your packaging stands up to consumer scrutiny.

Have you tried corrugated packaging?

Corrugated packaging is made up of several layers of paper, rather than just a single layer, and is incredibly popular for businesses because of how sturdy it is in transit – allowing products to be packaged neatly without the worry of them becoming damaged before they reach their final destination. This material is also easy to customise, making it versatile for businesses to package products, put their brand front and centre and satisfy their customers.

Protect products with bespoke boxes

Die cut boxes are manufactured to perfectly suit the requirements of your products, while delivering a wide range of benefits. These boxes are designed in such a way that they can hold products in position and keep them safe thanks to carefully crafted die cut fittings. 

Die cut boxes can also prove incredibly cost-effective because of their ability to eliminate the use of tape or stitching to hold them together. Business operations can also become more streamlined because die cut boxes can be easier and quicker to make up. Most importantly, they’re made from recyclable materials, helping companies to do their bit for the environment.

Make your packaging sustainable

Ensuring that we are all playing our own individual part in protecting the environment through the packaging we consume, is something that customers have become increasingly conscious of in recent years. People want to feel that they are making a positive difference and not adding to the climate emergency we all face. For businesses, adopting environmentally friendly processes and materials will put consumers’ minds at ease and only increase their loyalty to brands. Selecting materials that are made from recycled materials and can be recycled, should be high up on your priority list.

Keep it cost-effective, without sacrificing quality

Every material and design choice is ultimately going to affect the cost of your packaging project and this can make it difficult to stick within a tight budget. This is why we recommend thinking strategically and looking at how you can simplify and streamline your packaging as much as possible to make it cost-effective without compromising the quality of the finish you’re striving to achieve. Ways you can economise include optimising material usage, simplifying assembly and minimising transit costs.

Our packaging design experts are here to help

We follow a tried and tested four step process to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their packaging solutions. 

This all starts with a one-to-one consultation to discuss your ideas and confirm the overall goals of your packaging project. Once we have a firm understanding of your objectives, we move into the design phase, before manufacturing commences. The final stage is to then stock and serve your packaging, ready for you to distribute your products.

Keen to find out more about how we can deliver your next bespoke packaging project? Speak to our team of experts on  +44 (0) 1509 817910.

Posted on: 3 August 2023
Posted in: Industry Insights

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