Celebrating The Importance Of The Family Business Sector

Colton Whitew Line

Family businesses are the engine room of the UK economy and deserve all the recognition they get for the contributions they make on a daily basis.  

Seeking to amplify awareness and recognition of all that family firms do, Family Business United has launched a new badge for British Family Business to celebrate the sector and we are delighted to be supporting this campaign.

As Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of Family Business United (‘FBU’) explains, “We are encouraging all British family businesses to subscribe to the British Family Business Badge to proudly promote that they are a family business and proud of their roots.”

“Family businesses are the engine room of the UK economy, making a significant contribution through the people they employ, the income they generate, the wealth they create and the communities that they support, which for many, has been something that they have done for generations.”

“We truly believe that family firms deserve all the recognition that they can get and to be proud of their roots, to celebrate all the good that as a community they do, and as such have created a ‘badge’ that enables them to celebrate who they are as part of a wider community.

Family businesses displaying the badge demonstrate the underlying essence of being a family business, notably that they are:

  • Proud in being a family business
  • Committed to doing business the right way
  • Invested in creating a sustainable firm for future generations
  • Committed to taking a long-term view
  • Proud in having a heritage but recognising the need to remain relevant, now and for the future

Family firms across the UK are already engaging with the new campaign and displaying the badge and we are delighted to be doing the same, adding our voice of support.

Our Managing Director, Laura Colton-Smith, adds, “At Colton we’re proud to fly the flag for what it means to be a family business. We think of our team as an extension of our own family and work hard to uphold family values in how we operate and engage with our customer base,”

“We’re proud to support Family Business United’s British Family Business initiative and would encourage more family businesses to sign up and join the conversation.”

As Paul concludes, “We wanted to create something iconic, that reflects the importance of the sector, draws from the past in terms of the roots of where family firms were founded and from where they have grown to become great family firms of today.”

“We hope that the badge will encourage family firms to come together and collectively celebrate their importance and help us raise awareness of the sector and the significant contribution it makes across the country each and every day.”

Find out more about The British Family Business Badge here

Posted on: 21 November 2023
Posted in: Industry Insights

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