Packaging should be easy, so why does it seem to hold you back?

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That’s because it’s usually the last thing on the list, getting rushed through to ensure goods are sent out on time.

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Our family has been helping customers for over 150 years, so we know what it takes to keep your business moving.

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Our approach is flexible and tailored to each client to supply and manage packaging in a way that works for you.

Packaging has been at the heart of the Colton family since the mid nineteenth century. The business is now in its fifth generation and with each passing year our industry knowledge, product range and customer care has grown consistently. Our experience means that our customers are always in the safest hands and can trust us with their individual needs.

Bespoke Corrugated Packaging

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Corrugated cardboard packaging provides a cost effective and practical method of protecting products, stabilising loads and packing long and awkward goods.


Transit Packaging

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Get your product from A to B safely and efficiently. We help you choose the right packaging to protect your product in transit.


Shelf-Ready Packaging

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Shelf-ready packaging (SRP), also known as retail-ready packaging (RRP), is used to transport a product to retail stores and display the product once there.


Get to know the process

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Step One – Consult

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Upon your initial enquiry, we’ll sit down together and discuss how we can fulfil your needs, listening to your pain points to come up with a solution that protects your product and looks good whilst doing it.


Step Two – Design

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Box design forms a vital part of our business because 97% of our products are made bespoke. Once we have agreed on a style, we then need to understand how the package will be handled to determine which board grade to use. We have CAD facilities in house to enable us to design and supply samples for approval


Step Three – Manufacture

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Once a box has been designed and board grade specified, we oversee the manufacture of your order to ensure production is on time and fulfilled without quality issues.


Step Four – Stock and Serve

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We can stock your bespoke packaging in bulk which means you call-off smaller quantities of product on a ‘just-in-time’ basis to suit your production and packing schedule. We will replenish the stock when it reaches an agreed threshold to ensure continuity of supply.

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Packaging solutions for the manufacturing industry must reflect the complex, streamlined and fast-paced manner of the trade. Luckily, we understand your needs and know how to meet them.

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From the warehouse to their house, eCommerce packaging presents a big opportunity for your business. Allow us to help you make the most of it.

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Let’s take you back

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Colton ancestors in Rearsby were flax dressers by trade.


William Colton took over his aunt’s retail rope and sack business.


Offices were built in Belgrave Gate Leicester.


Ropewalk and town houses built in Crafton Street, Leicester.

BRC Storage and Distribution Issue 4 Certified

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The BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution covers all activities that can affect the safety, quality, and legality of food, packaging and consumer products in storage and the process of distribution; as well as activities provided by contracted storage and distribution services.

We’re recognised and certified by BRCGS to a AA+ grade standard which means our services meet the benchmark for best practice, helping to provide reassurance that products and services are high quality, legal and safe.

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